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Dubai Summer!

Dubai Summer is here! Dubai has become the summer capital of the Middle East. Lots of tourist flock all year round for the beautiful sun and plenty of activities not only people from the region but also from all over the world. There’s been lots of improvements in the beaches of Dubai as well. From Read More

Two Nomad’s Review: Chicken Tikka Inn – The Quest for the Best Chicken Tikka in Town

Hello nomads! How’s the weather treating you the past days? sweaty pits and cloudy glasses, no one can escape, we can definitely relate to that! But that doesn’t mean we can’t go for some spice treat anymore ayt? Last night we had scoured the depths of Mirdif Area to look for a forgotten restaurant Adrian had Read More

Nomadic Quick trips : Off the beaten path get away in the UAE

We have to be thankful for the UAE, aside from serving our second home away from home, is also at par with other countries when it comes to the number of public holidays which makes it more favorable to private sectors and alike. The second public holiday of the year is for the celebration of Isra Read More